Running is community…

(Today’s post is by Boog Ferrell one of the Sixty Feet staff serving the children in Uganda. Boog is a runner (the proof), and today he talks about running and being part of a community.)

One of the best and earliest rewards I realized while running was the company of extraordinary folks. The subgroup of the population that will be up at seven in the morning for a race instead of hitting the snooze and rolling over; the kind of people that find pushing through the wall to be a form of joy; the serious racers and the fun runners; from the teen in basketball shorts sprinting and walking their first 5k, to the 90 year old veteran knocking out their 200th – these are exceptional people.

My family and I have just moved to Uganda to work with Sixty Feet here. We will spend a year aiding in the development and operation of an organization that is sold out for Jesus Christ, and bringing the hope He alone provides to thousands of imprisoned children. Sixty Feet delivers that hope through medical care, counseling, legal assistance and various forms of LOVE by way of a team of Western and Ugandan servant leaders – exceptional company.


A prime example is the impending visit by Sara Hall, elite US runner and wife of another elite runner – Ryan Hall. You never know what is going to happen the next moment in Uganda, and I can’t say for certain what Sara’s visit will bring about, but I do know this: upon arrival, Sara will witness an exceptional group of people working to bring hope to the hopeless. The people running this race range from 22 year old American legal interns to Ugandan couples that have been married and ministering for over 40 years. People from various walks, backgrounds, education and careers with manifold different hopes, dreams, gifts and responsibilities; all working together for the good of the least of these; following the call of an exceptional Savior.


I don’t know what my training will look like over here as the smog usually doesn’t play nice with my chronic bronchitis, but I know one thing – each day, I will thank God for the exceptional people that have chosen to run this race and will do all I can to support their obedience to the call. You can do the same, through giving, praying, serving and, thanks to Run Sixty Feet, by running in the company of exceptional people.

Join the race, and run well.

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