The true meaning of endurance.

As runners we all know that one of the keys to success is endurance.

But do we really know what endurance means? What first comes to mind when you think of the word? We did a little research and discovered that when people do a word association with endurance, they inevitably come up with words involving things that take a long time. It could be an adoption, a marathon or the work week. Some even shared words that included how it feels when one endures. Words like sweat, stamina, and persistence.

As a professional track athlete, Sara Hall knows a lot about endurance. Over the course of her running career, she has competed in, and won, many running competitions. From earning four state cross country titles and three state track titles during her California high school days, to the amazing photo finish winning the 2012 American title at the USA Cross Country Championships when she edged out her competition, Sara is most certainly familiar with words like sweat, stamina and persistence.


But would it surprise you if we told you that the definition of endurance includes words like “stress”, “hardship” or “pain”? These are words that we often overlook.

Pain is something that Sara has experienced during the process of recovering from her running injuries. Like her, many runners often endure the difficulty of physical stress and determination to recover and accomplish personal goals.

The imprisoned children we serve in Uganda know all about endurance. But of a much different kind. They endure much more than temporary physical pain or the emotional hurdles of running a specific distance. Although they have endured deep pain and hardship, they have persevered with more grace and hope than seems possible in their short lifetime. Everyday there are stories of restoration and healing as they overcome these challenges and truly endure.


Sara understands this kind of endurance as she has been passionate about social justice and alleviating extreme poverty since she was a young girl. She’s always had a desire to bring health and hope to those in need. On August 12th, we are excited to have Sara visit us in Uganda to meet and love on these special children. Not only will she have the opportunity to connect with them, but she will be running with them too! Sara will be sharing her love of running as she visits the centre’s where Sixty Feet serves and ministers to these incredible kids. What better way to experience what it’s like to be a child than to run?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we will be sure to post photos and video of their special day together! Thank you Sara!

To learn more about Sara and Ryan Hall and their ministry The Halls Steps Foundation, click here.

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