Thinking like a bumblebee.

(Today’s guest post is by one of our incredible staff in Uganda, Emily Ryan. Emily is an incredible individual whose love of Jesus shines through all she does for the children we serve.)

Running is hard work. Running relieves stress. Running strengthens the muscles in your heart. Running makes you strong. Running develops endurance.

These are all reasons why the Sixty Feet team in Uganda are training to run. Everyone is at a different level – some are training for a 5k while others are training to for a half-marathon. But, one thing is the same. We live by Boog’s motto:

“Think like a bumblebee, train like a thoroughbred.”

Let me explain. Bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly. Their bodies are too big and their wings are too small, but they don’t know that. Therefore, since they think they can fly, they fly. The hills, smog, and higher elevation make running in Uganda a little more (or a lot more) challenging than running in the US. But, we have to believe that we can run up every hill, finish every run, and ultimately, finish the race.

Thoroughbreds on the other hand just train. They don’t think about it, rather they just train everyday, giving their best. For us, we have to develop the habit of exercising everyday. We can’t think about it, we just have to go, whether it’s early in the morning or after work. Training requires consistency, hard work, and perseverance – all things we are learning on our journey.


But, these are the same things we learn in our walks with the Lord. These are the same things US runner Sara Hall encouraged all of the kids at M1 to think about during her time with them. Sara shared Hebrews 12:1 with the children after they finished running a 5k with her.

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.
And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

She encouraged the kids to run hard after Jesus. She explained that Jesus died for them, to forgive them and restore them to Him. No matter what they did to end up at M1, they are loved by the King. He set out to love, redeem, and claim them as His own. She told them this world is hard, and let me tell you, they have experienced injustice, trials, and sorrow. But, Sara encouraged the kids to live with the hope of Jesus’ return, a living hope that will not fade away. In light of this hope, they can run the course of this world and come-out as children who are “more than conquerors” through the love of Christ and work of the Spirit.


Both running and our life on earth require perseverance, endurance, and community. Sara was able to connect with the kids at M1 through running and then share the truth about the Lord. We too were encouraged by her words and encouraged to run a race that is a physical manifestation of the spiritual realm.

If you would like to help support the US staff in Uganda to run, please click one of their names below. All of the proceeds will benefit Sixty Feet’s work in Uganda. We are excited to unite the Run for Justice races in the US with races across the world in Uganda. It is encouraging to know that others are joining in the Lord’s work of redeeming the lives of imprisoned kids. We appreciate your love, support, and prayers.

Team Run Sixty Feet Uganda:

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