There is a common myth about fundraising. And it’s thinking that it’s all about the money. Of course the name doesn’t help (fund-raising). We want to shed some light on what fundraising is all about. Think about the last time you felt compelled to give money to a cause. Who was it? What cause was it for? Why did you give?

We are all compelled by certain factors that motivate us to action. We believe that people are motivated by certain key elements. These key elements have been and will continue to be a powerful force of the incredible work being done on the ground in Uganda.

1. Find your story; Stories draw us together. The most important part of your effort should be to tell stories. Whether it’s your personal story of overcoming a difficulty just like the children we serve, or a story like Henry’s, who was reunited with his Grandmother after being lost on the streets, find your story…and share it. (Head over to the Race Kit page to find other shareable resources.)


2. Connect with people; This may, or may not, be the easy part. Whether we like it or not, we are all born to connect. We were born into amazing families, interact with co-workers and neighbors, and connect with friends and people we share a common interest with. What better way to start a conversation then to share your story. Don’t be shy to share why you’re running, or who you are running for. Are you new to Sixty Feet? No problem, as mentioned above, we have resources that can help.

3. Commit to pray; We have been given incredible gifts and tools to share our story and the stories of hope being told in Uganda. We believe that these tools will only be successful if we are faithful to pray that God blesses our efforts.

Thank you for your commitment to share your story and engage your community to be part of the amazing work being done. Go team!

Please visit our Race Kit for links/graphics/videos/etc. to post and share along with your fundraising page!