Claire Seevers & Team Sixty Feet are running to change lives.
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On April 27, 2014 I'm running the Toledo Glass City 5K on the Run SixtyFeet Team. My team is running in support of SixtyFeet, a ministry commited to bringing hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa, in Jesus name.

SixtyFeet provides immediate relief in the form of water, food, medical care, clothing and bedding. The ministry also seeks to provide long term restoration through educational sponsorships, justice, counseling, resettlement efforts and the love of Christ.

Why Claire chose to run:
I want to make a difference in the lives of the imprisoned kids in Africa. Please support me as I run and provide hope to these children. Thank you!
- Claire

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Your tax-deductable donation will help children like Henry. After getting lost in a parade and then caught begging on the streets, police brought him into our care. We were able to care for Henry’s immediate needs, then help him get home to his Grandmother. You’ll also be helping children like Douglas who studies to understand his legal rights and explains that he feels special protection for orphans is the most important right for children. And if given the opportunity, have the ability to do great things with their lives. Your gift changes lives.

Are you interested in running with Team Sixty Feet? Join Team Sixty Feet and run with purpose! Click here to learn more.
Donate by Mail? 100% goes to Uganda. Critical Needs.
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Sixty Feet Inc.
2451 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 3526
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Please make checks out to "Sixty Feet" and note "RSF2014 - Claire Seevers" on the memo line of your check.
Friends of Sixty Feet funds our operating costs so you don't have to. 100% of your gift will go directly to fund the work with the children we serve. All donations are fully tax-deductible. There are many ways you can support the ministry of Sixty Feet. If you would like to get in touch with us to learn more about how your financial gift can meet some of our most critical needs, contact us today.