Run with Team Sixty Feet

Are you ready to run with us? This promises to be a fantastic year with a group of amazing people who are running with Team Sixty Feet to make a difference. Please follow the process below to join the team.

You can participate in any race on any day from anywhere in the world! Simply find a race you’d love to run in and make your own team! Encourage your friends and family to participate, raise pledges and RUN! Check out some of our other regional races, see if yours is on the list and join a team. If not, let us know what race you’d like to run in and we’ll add it to the “ever growing” list, and we’ll help you spread the word!

Before you jump on board, we’re asking each team member to raise pledges for their race in support of Sixty Feet. Don’t worry, we’ll provide some resources to help you out along the way.

Here’s what you’ll need to do (it’s really simple):

1. Register with us, Team Sixty Feet. (click image below for registration page)


2. Register for your race.

You will need to be sure that you register for your specific race. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

3. Share your fundraising page.

Each runner registered with Team Sixty Feet will get a free customizable fundraising page! Use your personal fundraising page to raise/collect pledges in support of Sixty Feet. We are recommending each runner set a personal goal of $1,000. Think you can beat that? Go for it! We’ve even provided some helpful fundraising tips to help get you started

4. Train, train, train.

Training can be a daunting task for those who don’t run long-distance races with frequency. Not to worry! We’ve also posted some training tips for those who may need assistance along the way.

5. Turn in your pledges.

Prior to your actual race, we are requesting that each runner send their pledges/donations to Sixty Feet. How do you turn in your pledges? Head over to the FAQs for more detail.

6. Race!

Once you’ve trained, fundraised and shared the story of Sixty Feet, now it’s your time to shine! You’ve worked incredibly hard to show the world what determination and commitment looks like. The effort you’ve made will go a long way to provide near and long term support for the children Sixty Feet serves. Go Team Go!